Flowerpwr Pre-Rolled

FlowerPwr Pre-Rolled Weed

FlowerPwr pre-rolled cannabis comes in 4 distinct grades of cannabis:

  • Green Label — exclusively AAA BC Bud Flower
  • Black Label — exclusively AAA+ BC Bud
  • Gold Label — exclusively AAAA Bud
  • 24K Gold Label — AAAA+ BC Cannabis Flower

All of the Flowerpwr joints come with a high-quality filter so that you can have a comfortable blazing experience. On top of this, the joints are made with high-quality BC craft cannabis flower from the bud and never from the leftover shake that many prerolls use. All of this is sent with an airtight tube so that you can preserve your pre-roll for when you’re ready to smoke it.

About FlowerPwr Gold Label

Not to be confused with the Flowerpwr 24K gold label, the basic gold label is made from high-quality AAAA BC craft flower. The tube is tipped with gold leaf, however the joint itself is made from traditional rolling paper.

About FlowerPwr Green Label

All flower, no shake. Flowerpwr’s green label is the most affordable pre-roll option while still getting the best craft BC Bud. The budget cones don’t compromise on potency or flavor, however.

About FlowerPwr Black Label

The Black Label continues to live upto FlowerPwr’s promise that their joints contain only high-quality BC Bud and no shake. However, the Black Label is available at an affordable cost despite the high-quality chronic inside.

About FlowerPwr 24K Gold Label

FlowerPwr’s 24K gold label is the highest quality chronic that is designed to make you look like a baller. Filled with the highest-quality BC Bud available, the joint itself is wrapped in 24 karat gold and is perfect for celebrations and when you want to make a lasting impression.

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