Gas Garden Weed

Gas Garden Weed – Tuna Can-nabis

Gas Garden’s Tuna Can-nabis is the first weed company to put their cannabis in a sealed tuna can. Gas Garden’s weed is only available in quarter oz’s and every one contains a boveda inside for ultimate freshness! Further, all Gas Garden weed has a resealable lid included so that you can keep your cannabis in the best condition possible until it is completed.

About Gas Garden

Gas Garden is a BC grower that strives to put the right weed products into the hands of Canadians. The BC Grower’s tuna can weed includes great value cannabis as well as high-quality cannesseur-quality marijuana.

Gas Garden’s success stems from the many growth opportunities in the regulated cannabis industry in Canada. The BC Bud grower has blended the perfect combination of traditional business practices, disruptive methodology, best-in-class cannabis equipment, and innovative cannabis concepts. Gas Garden provides Toke Club with many strains of high-grade BC marijuana including the likes of Pink Kush, Trainwreck, and Platinum Cookies. Check out the many cannabis strains by Gas Garden at affordable prices here today.

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