Alpine Extracts – Gorilla Glue #2 Shatter

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Gorilla Glue #2 Shatter

Gorilla Glue #2 is an Indica dominant hybrid (ballpark 60% Indica/40% Sativa), that offers great relaxation and a tiny cerebral euphoria.  This strain comes from lineage of Chocolate Diesel (60% Sativa/40% Indica) cross Sour Diesel (90% Sativa), both are amazing Sativa dominant hybrid strains.  Sour Diesel is known to open up your mind, and give you a great uplifting cerebral high. Gorilla Glue #2 strain comes in a beautiful light green, decorated perfectly with orange hues from the hairs.  The buds are nice and fluffy, almost like clouds in the sky on a sunny day.  Examining it more carefully, immediately you will notice how beautiful the buds’ curves and crevasses are, and frosted all over.  You will need to give it a light gently squeeze, to truly allow the pollen to spill out its true smell, a lemony, sweet, earthy scent.  The sweetness comes from the Chocolate Diesel parent, while the lemon and earthy notes comes from the well-known Sour Diesel parent. The smell is surprisingly really sweet. We suggest this strain for people that are looking for a day time smoke, that won’t get you sitting around.  This also helps those that might be battling a little anxiety, calmed us down completely.  Once again, within moderation this helped calm us, smoking too much can increase anxiety.  So, pay attention on how much you’re smoking and record it, this will help you monitor your intake and effects on your ailments.


Sold in 1 gram packages.

Alpine Extracts - Gorilla Glue #2 Shatter










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