House Of Glass Shatter – 1.0 gram pack
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House of Glass (HOG) produces the finest pharmaceutical grade shatter around (75-90% THC).  Through extended distillation, curing and vacuum purging HOG eliminates all residual solvent and maximizes extract purity. HOG has upheld a commitment to quality and matchless expertise in the creation of concentrates.

This highly concentrated form means that you need very little for it to have an effect.  This ensures a clean experience and a healthy alternative to smoking. We do suggest, if this is your first time trying an extract, to go easy as you might not be used to the intensity of the product.


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Cherry Cream Pie (Hybrid), Moonshine Haze (Sativa), Gas Mask (Indica), Cadillac Cookies (Indica), Dirty Girl (Sativa), Pink Deathstar (Indica), Gelato (Hybrid), Gods Green Crack (Hybrid), NYPD (Sativa), Mexican Sativa (Sativa), Blue Moon Rocks (Hybrid), Cabbage Patch (Hybrid), Hulkamania (Indica), Grimace OG (Indica), Charlottes Web (Sativa), Thors Hammer (Sativa), Chocolate Skunk (Sativa), White Skunk (Hybrid), Dank Sinatra (Hybrid), Green Goblin (Sativa), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Lemon Skunk (Hybrid), Mickey Kush (Indica), Godfather OG (Indica), Deadhead OG (Hybrid), Ice Princess (Hybrid), Jack Herer (Sativa), LA OG (Indica), Colombian Mojito (Sativa), Ghost Rider OG (Indica), Wookies (Hybrid), Dutch Dragon (Sativa), Yoda OG (Indica), Vader OG (Indica), Blue Alien (Indica), Captain America (Hybrid)


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