QNTM Clouds – THC Infused E-juice
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Compatible with E-Cig Vapes only
Comes in 500mg and 1000mg of THC per 10mL of vape juice

Available in 5 flavors

  • Strawberry Bliss
  • Eden Apple
  • Watermelon Wonder
  • Strawberry Apple Mint
  • Mango Madness
If you purchase this product you will earn 80-140 Toke Points worth $0.80-$1.40!
If you purchase this product you will earn 80-140 Toke Points worth $0.80-$1.40!


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Infused with solventless distillate, QNTM Extracts new line of “Cloud” vape juice is perfect for micro-dosing, using your own tanks! Every 10mL bottle contains 500mg or 1000mg of THC, just put it into your e-cig tank for a smooth and flavourful smoke! Medicated discreetly, as the smoke doesn’t smell like a bud, just fruity!

Works with Vapes from 10watts to 75watts

*Not compatible with Vape Pens with a 510 thread battery (Ie. Sky Extracts, Sovrin, etc…). Juice only, hardware not included.
**Separation is normal, shake well before use.

Compatible with sub-ohm vapes, iSticks, Kangertechs, SMOKS, Aspires, and more!

CONTAINS NO PG / NO VG / NO Vitamin E-Acetate



Strawberry Bliss 500mg, Eden Apple 500mg, Watermelon Wonder 500mg, Strawberry Apple Mint 500mg, Mango Madness 500mg, Strawberry Bliss 1000mg, Eden Apple 1000mg, Watermelon Wonder 1000mg, Strawberry Apple Mint 1000mg, Mango Madness 1000mg


Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, THC


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